Blogger with an expertise in researching, social media and photography, all while engaging an audience of travel enthusiasts and those interested in DIY projects & home renovations!

Who am I?

I’m Sierra, a blogger, social media expert, and world traveler who thrives on spur of the moment adventures. I have a Bachelors degree in Supply Chain Management and continuously strive for efficiency. Supply Chain is about getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. I have combined my expertise in Supply Chain, my love for travel, and home renovation experience to create something for everyone. For those interested in travel I have provided some of the best itineraries to the worlds top destinations. For those interested in DIY projects and house renovations I provide step by step instructions how to remodel your home on a budget.

With so many friends, family, and followers asking questions about my travel itineraries and home projects, I created Sierras Scenic Route! Once I have a destination in mind I will spend hours upon end creating spreadsheets, reading reviews, and researching. This has led to an engaged and interested audience of travel enthusiasts. During our house flips we have some crazy things happen, creating a following and engaged audience curious what we will do next!

My passion for traveling started when I was a little girl, I was always told I had the ‘travel bug.’ Ever since I can remember I would find the best spot to capture pictures, create videos, and document tips and tricks from all of my adventures. I started posting my trips on social media and this quickly led to various friends and family asking for my itineraries, recommendations, and advice for their future trips.

I am not traveling you can find me and my husband renovating, flipping, and renting houses in West Michigan. We have a mixed style between modern, minimalist, and anything that is on sale. Our lifestyle is Boujee on a budget!

What Can I Offer?

With an engaged audience, I can offer a wide variety of social media coverage on various platforms including, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, my blog, and YouTube (coming soon). Below are the links to Sierras Scenic Route social media:

  • Facebook (offering reviews, pictures, videos, other posts if necessary)
  • Instagram (stories, reels, photo posts)
  • Pinterest (promoting in pins created by me, or sharing your pins)
  • Blog Posts (brand promotion, links, pictures, videos, and reviews in my blog posts)

I offer an agreed upon number of blog posts (with photos) during a trip/experience. I offer brand and product promotion on social media and throughout various blog posts. I can also add the product, brand, or service to my affiliate links and shop page if the brand/product aligns with my beliefs. I do not recommend products I do not believe in or trust.

If you have additional questions, want to talk about a possible partnership, or would like to collaborate with Sierras Scenic Route then please contact me at


In accordance with my privacy policy and ethical blogging beliefs, all reviews and promotions listed on Sierras Scenic Route will be 100% honest, truthful, and will include partnership notation somewhere in the blog post. I do not recommend products/services/brands that I do not believe in or do not trust and users and clients experience might differ from mine.

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