Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian islands and is home to world famous beaches and flowing waterfalls. I have outlined top sights to see in Maui for those of you who only have 7 days there and want to see it all!


Day 1: Ka’anapali and Black Rock Beach

One of the most well known beaches in all of Maui is Ka’anapali Beach. There are multiple well known resorts located along this beach and it is a great spot to walk in the morning or relax during the day. Black Rock Beach is located at the north end of Ka’anapali Beach. There you can cliff jump off the rocks or snorkel near the shore. I will say snorkeling at Black Rock was not the best because of the large crowds and people cliff-jumping causing the water to become murky. However, this beach is still worth visiting and spending the day soaking up the sun.

Later that evening we packed our beach chairs, drinks in the cooler, and headed to Kapalua Bay to catch the sunset. One of my favorite things we did in Maui was trying to catch the sunset from a different spot every night. 

Day 2: Nakelele Pt. BlowHole

In the morning drive to Nakelele Pt. Blow Hole but plan on making a few pit stops along the way. First, stop is at Honolua Bay. This bay is a secret snorkel spot, its a hit or miss depending on how busy it can be. You could always stop here after the BlowHole if you wanted to stay for a while. We walked about the beach and ended up coming back to snorkel later in the afternoon.

Next stop, Lipoa Point. This was a quick stop and a great place to pull over for a quick snack or to snap a picture. This point gives great views of the island with bright blue water and sail boats resting down below.  

Lipoa Point, Kauai

Lastly, Nakelele Point BlowHole. This is a natural rock formation where waves crash against the rock wall and spout out through the famous blowhole.

Day 3: Maluaka Beach (Waile)

One of the most beautiful beaches in all of Maui. Maluaka Beach is also known as turtle town! If you are staying on the west side of the island it is definitely worth waking up early one morning and driving to Maluaka. If you are there in the morning then you should have no problem finding parking and claiming your spot in the sand. 

Maluaka Beach, South Maui

My favorite thing about Maluaka Beach were the views. Standing in the water, looking back at the beach you can see the mountains and valleys off in the distance, leaving a picture perfect image of Hawaii instilled in your mind. This beach was also less crowded, usually more calm and clear waters for swimming and snorkeling. Keep an eye out near the rocks off to the side of the beach, this is where we saw a few sea turtles.

Day 4: Road to Hana

Talk about taking the scenic route, this might be the most beautiful drive you take in your entire life. This is a must-see when visiting Maui. There is so much information that I gave The Road to Hana its own blog post. For more details check out my post ‘Road to Hana | Top Sights to See’, to read about all the insider tips, hidden gems along the road, and what to know before you go!

Day 5: Kapalua Golf – The Bay Course

If you are a golfer or just want to play a course with 360 degree views along the greens then you have to check out Kapalua. Playing at this course was a dream come true for my husband who was a collegiate golfer. I on the other hand do not have patience for golf but rode along and soaked in scenery. Keep in mind it is a little expensive and you have to pay to ride along even if you are not playing. 

Kapalua Golf – The Bay Course

We were pretty tired from our previous day along the Road to Hana so If you are not a golfer then I highly suggest relaxing at a beach near your hotel/condo. 

Day 6: Relax at Kanaha Beach Park near the Airport

Depending on the time of your flight you might want to give yourself extra time to head to the airport in case there is traffic. We took our time in the morning, checked out, and headed to Kanaha Beach Park right next to the Kahului Airport. This is a well known wind surfing spot so we relaxed in the shade and watched hundreds of windsurfers take on the waves. Then we hopped on our short flight to Kauai to spend week 2 of our trip.

Tips and Recommendations:

Best Restaurants

  • Aloha Mixed Plate: Great place to have a romantic dinner and drink Mai Tais along the water. Call ahead of time and you might be able to get a table overlooking the water

Additional Places to Visit

  • Haleakala Crater in Haleakala National Park: This park is one of the top attractions in Maui and a place I wish we would have visited. Haha I guess that means we will have to go back! The most famous attraction in the park is the Haleakala Crater, widely known for a place to watch the sunrise. This dormant volcano is a place offering a wide variety of landscapes, views, and skyscapes. My parents visited Maui over 20 years ago and their most fond memory was riding bikes down the crater as the sun was rising. If you do go to catch the sunrise make sure to bring layers because it can be quite chilly before dawn. There are multiple ways to access the park, you can sign up for a tour and take a shuttle or bus through the park or you can take your own car and drive on your own schedule. 

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