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Capri, the most perfect island in Italy. Capri is located just off the Amalfi Coast and is nothing short of gorgeous.

Day 1: Arrive, Eat Pizza, Pasta, and Drink Wine

We arrived in Capri around lunchtime and after an hour ferry ride we got off the boat and headed straight for the closest pizza place. Luckily for us, there were several pizza and lunch spots in the Port of Marina Grande. 

Day 2: Explore or Relax by the Sea

You have the whole day ahead of you and we thought the best way to spend it was to explore in the morning and relax in the afternoon. We got up bright and early and rented one moped for the 2 of us. WARNING: Driving a moped or any motor vehicle around capri can be a little scary at times. The island is fairly small so getting around is easy and you can 

Some of the best views, sunbathing and swimming spots are at Anacapri, the islands second town. 

Day 3: (under maintenance)

Other Tips

Getting to Capri

We discovered that most people fly into Italy, take a shuttle to the port, and then jump on a ferry to the island. Most people take the ferry to Capri. My husband and I were coming from Switzerland, so we hopped on an early morning flight and flew into Naples. Then we took a shuttle bus to the port closest to the Naples airport and this is where we purchased tickets for the Ferry ride to Capri.

Boat Tours Around the Island

If you are in Capri then you have to explore the island from the sea. There are multiple boat tours, private boat rentals, and catamarans you can rent.

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