I’m Sierra- the girl behind Sierras Scenic Route. A blog about my two favorite things, travel and home renovations.

I’ve been told I have an adventurous spirit. I have bought a house sight unseen, I love spur of the moment vacations, and I like to take risks. When it comes to travel my speciality is researching all the important details for a stress-free, fun, and effortless get away with amazing itineraries! If I am not traveling you can find me and my husband renovating, flipping, and renting houses in West Michigan. We have a mixed style between modern, minimalist, and anything that is on sale. Our lifestyle is Boujee on a budget!

My Travel Story

The idea behind this blog originally started with my love to travel. Growing up my family went on all sorts of vacations. We hiked in national parks, snorkeled in the Caribbean, and ate a variety of foods while soaking in the culture. Traveling at such a young age sparked my travel bug and craving to visit new places. Also I’m pretty sure I inherited my Papa’s adventurous soul, I mean the guy took his motorcycle through all 50 states… it has to be in our blood.

When exploring new places, it is usually on a budget. I try to get the most for my money everywhere I go while still staying at 4-5 star lodging accommodations. This often leads to questions such as, how can you afford to travel so often? How do you decide where to go? How do you know the top places to visit? Can you send me your itinerary? What do you recommend?

With so many family and friends asking these questions and me wanting to help, I decided to document and capture my adventures to share with all of you! I discovered the only way to do this without hiring a travel agent is to research. Once I have a destination in mind I will spend hours upon end creating spreadsheets, reading reviews, and researching. There are so many questions and decisions to make when planning a trip it is important to consider the following:

  • Best places to visit
  • Top attractions and things to do in that area
  • Should we stay in a vacation rental, hotel, or all-inclusive resort
  • Safest place to stay
  • Places to avoid that are overrated
  • Secret gems off the beaten path
  • Best restaurants
  • Top beaches and snorkel spots
  • Highly ranked excursions that don’t cost an arm and a leg
  • How to save money while I’m there
  • Closest gas stations and grocery stores
  • Transportation
  • And anything else you can think of before you go on vacation

My House Story

In our free time when we are not traveling we are renovating, remodeling, and flipping houses. Being on a tight budget and trying to maximize our profits has lead us to do almost all of the projects on our own. My husband and father are very handy so with a little learning and YouTube videos we have taught ourselves more than we ever thought we would know about houses!

We bought our first house the year before we got married. Originally our plan was to do a few cosmetic updates but that turned into an entire home renovation. We knocked down supporting walls, installed beams, moved the bathroom, removed an attic and vaulted a ceiling, and so much more! Thankfully we had the help and approval from a licensed contractor along the way.

We have a mixed style between modern, minimalist, and anything that is on sale. I like to think of our DIY projects as boujee but on a budget. I do the designing and my husband does the work, we make a pretty good team. We have learned a lot along the way and would like to share so others don’t make the same mistakes we made early on. Follow along for DIY tips, ways to save money, remodeling from start to finish, what NOT to do when renovating home, and so much more!

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to check out Sierras Scenic Route! If you are looking for travel tips get started today by checking out my top Destinations. If you are here for home renovation tips then be sure to check out these DIY projects on my Home Renovations page. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!